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Google AdWordsUsing the inbound marketing method, the goal is to capture the attention of prospects by providing them engaging content at the time they are looking for it. After researching and understanding who your ideal buyer is and what their challenges and pain points are, we go into action creating specific content designed to answer questions they are searching for – content which both addresses and resolves their problems. This compelling and unique content will be used in your Google AdWords campaigns to drive users to your website. We go a step further and make sure your powerful content is utilized on multiple channels, such as blogs, social media, SEO, Email and more. This ensures that your content is reaching your visitors how and when they want to be reached.


A qualified prospect found you

Nothing is more frustrating for business owners than seeing money being spent on a Google AdWords campaign that generates good traffic but no leads or conversions. Once you have your information in front of them you MUST convert them into a lead by providing them a relevant content offer. This step is often overlooked however, this develops a powerful relationship with your buyer. Your prospect found you because they have a problem they are trying to solve and now you are helping them with a solution. One example is to offer them free downloadable content, which is researched and created by your Red 3 Media inbound marketing team. The prospect then exchanges their information on a landing page form for your free content offer, and voila, a lead is born!


We helped find the lead, it’s your turn to close the sale!

Once you have a lead its your turn as the business owner to sell them on your products and services. Talk to them about how their life will be easier or more comfortable once they purchase your products or services. Helping them to visualize taking ownership of your products and services will help them make a decision. We can help your build a series of emails, direct mail pieces or phone scripts to help you reach out consistently and turn your qualified lead into a sale. This tailored content is framed around various stages in the buyer’s journey.



Your prospect has closed as a customer, but you are not done!

We will guide you in showing your clients they are a valued customer and you haven’t forgotten about them. Current customers spend 67% more than new customers – a fact that we can help you capitalize on! After the sale, we can help you to continue to send them helpful, timely information in hopes they become a repeat customer or evangelist: you know, someone who will spread the word about your company and the superior service you provided them.


Our clients goals are our goals!

WarrantyRed 3 Media knows analyzing your return-on-investment is key for improving and refining your marketing efforts. In the last step of our inbound marketing method, we take a deep-dive into your campaign analytics to see how it is performing month over month, season over season. We pick apart why a piece of content is working better than another and streamline our efforts based on this data, to bring you the greatest results possible.

Google AdWords is our specialty and allows us to place your content in precisely the right search results at the right time. Remember all our work is guaranteed. No long term contracts, our business is built on your success.

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