Restaurant consulting is one service that Red 3 Media has excelled. The overall success of your restaurant requires that every aspect of your business is operating efficiently and as expected. Much preparation and researching went into your business plan to help guide your success. While many restaurants leave operations up to the general manager, we find at times the reports can be biased. Over the years we have worked with restaurants proving consulting services to improve front of the house impressions, atmosphere and branding to point out a few areas. Our research staff has the ability to conduct market research with your customers as well as the local community you serve. Here are a few areas we can help you with to improve your business.

Your Restaurant Reputation in the Community

Picture of inside Restaurant

Are You Turning All Your Tables Every Day? We Can Help.

When we say “community” we are talking about the potential visitors to your restaurant. This includes two different segments, the permanent residents and how they talk about your restaurant in the community among friends. The second segment are those visiting our community and searching for a great restaurant, or a specific menu. Online reviews make up the majority of how the community feels about your restaurant and likelihood of them to visit, or revisit.  Through restaurant consulting, Red 3 Media will work closely with you to monitor reviews posted online. We also help you to develop a plan to maximize reviews in general. If a less than positive review is left, not only will we notify you, but we can also work on your behalf to resolve the situation. We will help you word replies, approach and resolved difficult situations

Restaurant Consulting Reveals Community Reach

What percentage of your current customers on a weekly basis are new customers or returning? How far did they travel? How did they hear about your restaurant? We will work with your hostess and wait staff to make sure the proper questions are asked and data saved so a real analysis of your customer profile can be reviewed. We have the ability to hold training sessions with your employees to make sure everyone works together as a team. Taking this data that is collected, we can then adjust advertising to either go back into specific neighborhoods with deals to come back or we can expand your reach and try pulling in customers from other distances. Again this requires a combined effort between your team at Red 3 Media and your restaurant staff. We have the knowledge and experience to get your restaurant noticed, you will be responsible with wowing them once they walk in the door.

Competitor Research – Mystery Dining

No restaurant is exempt from constantly evolving to better fit the current needs of their customers. How often do you dined at your competitor restaurants around town? Visiting competitors on a regular basis provides incredible information on quality, presentation, dinning feel and experience. For years Red 3 Media has been sending our research teams into restaurants to collect all kinds of data as “undercover diners”. We can also send diners into your own restaurant. These mystery diners provide extremely valuable input on their service, food quality, cleanliness and more, all in detailed reports for you to review. In addition to knowing what experience your competitors offer, we also look into successful restaurants in other cities that are similar to yours to look for additional ways to improve you business.

Our executives have provided consulting services over the years to businesses of all sizes. We have sat in board rooms of publicly traded companies, reviewing TV commercials before they were aired. We have provided consulting services to banking clients for over 10 years. Opened new restaurants and guided other through re-branding. Red 3 Media is the missing piece, by providing restaurant consulting to take you to the next level.