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Free is good, no matter what it is. Did you know that with a properly built and current website you can get Free Traffic month after month, year after year? The secret is really not a secret. You need to have good amazing content. As organic internet marketing experts we provide real results for our clients every day for the past 23+ years. We have the knowledge and skills to optimize your advertising to make sure you are getting the most our of your advertising investment.

Interested to know how we do it?

3 simple steps!

We all strive to be successful at everything we do. Those who are most successful, put in the time to carefully construct a plan to reach a specific goal. As the saying goes, “A goal without a plan, is just a wish”. Here at Red 3 Media we help you to reach goals and solve specific issues facing your business. So how do we actually do it? Well there is no secret to our success other than hard work, and dedication to always improving ourselves individually and our clients. Here are a few key steps along the way to help your business grow through organic marketing.

First…Initial Consultation

It is important to talk about the success your business is currently having and some goals or areas of concern you might have. We want to make sure we can build on your current success and momentum. Working together we will make a list so we can take this back to our research team of internet marketing experts. The more information we can gather and discuss in our initial meeting, it will help to get your business moving in the direction most important to you.


Second…Thorough Research

This is where the magic starts. Hours and hours of research including your current website, structure, SEO and more. What we are searching for is a clear picture of your current strategy and placement. We also spend time looking at all your competitors so we know what your company will be compared. Review of internet searches, website flow, links, offline ads etc. The list is nearly endless and is different for each business we work with. The intense research we do never ends. Our research team is always reviewing each client daily to make sure we are always informed about our clients.


Third…Specific Strategy

When we are discussing strategy as a team, our number one goal is to get the most return on your investment. We love measured results as databases and reports help us clearly see the real picture of what is going on and how we can make adjustment for improved return. Every business is unique. You went into business because you either offer something other companies don’t or you do it better than your competitors. If you are not reaching the right target audience your overall results will suffer. We look at each business and build an advertising strategy specifically for your business. Advertising is not a “set it and forget it” (thanks Ronco!) operation. Through our research we will make adjustments as necessary at anytime to keep your business heading toward the goals that are important to your business.