Content marketing is the framework for your website. It makes your website structurally sound and reliable. Among the pillars supporting this structure is your title tag.

Your Title Tag- A Multipurpose Tool

As you likely already know, a title tag is an HTML web page title designation displayed on search engine results pages as a clickable headline. It provides a description of a content page while toeing the line of objectivity and providing a gateway URL. The ultimate initiative is to promote your company while providing objective content for searchability.

Your title tag can make or break your SEO. If you implement it correctly, you will be rewarded with very visible search engine results. This will ideally improve conversion rates using free, organic content– the ultimate ROI for internet marketing.

But if you use your title tag incorrectly, your website’s organic search results will suffer. Ok that may be a little dramatic. In reality, your title tag will just be innocuous, ineffective and may leave your site dead in the water against competition. Regardless, the right way to structure a title tag is focusing objectively on what your target audience would use a search engine for.

Structuring Your Title Tag

How are you reading this sentence? Did you read it from left to right? If you’re like most people, your answer is “yes.” Well this is also how search engines crawl [or read] website title tags. When an end-user enters a query, search engines scan the internet for thousands of pieces of information- in split seconds- to provide the user their results as quickly as possible.

Red3Media never won a new lead online because a search engine user coincidentally thought “I am going to search the (very) subjective term ‘Red3Media.’ They seem like they offer internet marketing services.” And the same goes for Bill’s Storage and the same goes for Carol’s Ceramics.

Why am I mentioning this seemingly obvious piece of information? Because when you incorrectly upend or subjectively implement your title tag, that is exactly what you’re doing.

First, what NOT to do…

The above is a perfect example of how to NOT write a title tag. Note how there is no objective term at all related to internet marketing or anything we are targeting search traffic for.

There also is no mention of what Red3Media does or why anyone would ever want to select the link based on that title tag. This is probably also a great time to mention you should avoid exclamation points– they are crawled as spammy.

And Now, What TO do…

The more objective your title tag begins, the easier it is for search engines to pick up and determine what your company offers and if it is in line with what the search engine user is looking for.

Based on the above example, Google or Bing or Yahoo can easily determine this URL has something to do with “Organic SEO.” Then they crawl “PPC.” Then “Inbound Content.”  This is because these objective terms read first, from left to right.

Until your company is the next Nike or Sony of your industry, your goal, I would imagine, is to grow. And to grow, you need to build your customer base. And to build your customers, you need to generate leads. This requires you to set your ego aside and minimize using your company name.

You need to focus on what your industry provides with your content marketing. Your brand recognition will follow once your site is the top SERP hit in your field. But until your company is a household standard, no one will be searching for your company by your unique name.

Your target audience primarily searches for the product you offer. And even after you do achieve success well beyond your wildest dreams, are top of mind across your entire industry and get your IPO, you still need to keep up with your competitors as they build their domain authority. But be sure to pack as much optimization as allowed without going over the 70 character count limit, which includes letters, spaces and punctuation.

Make sure you are correctly managing your internet marketing or, better yet, leaving it to the pros. Organizations such as Red3Media work with your company to effectively target your audience organically. Supplementing your SEO, we also offer design, social, paid and email marketing campaigning.

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